A paladin simply joined the group. I'm a necromancer.

Here is a glance in a specific recreation setting for hints of how this may very well be dealt with:

In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, undead spirits are used to protect household tombs from would-be graverobbers, gasoline the sacred Ghostfence which holds again the worst of the evil demons and illnesses of the Ash Blight of Dagoth Ur on Purple Mountain, and function residing reminiscence within the necropolis metropolis of Necrom (the place the ghost of the legendary hero Indoril Nerevar nonetheless haunts – regardless of blasphemous rumours of his reincarnation).

Whereas Necromancy continues to be authorized within the Septim Empire at massive in 3E 427, it has been banned by the Imperial Guild of Mages and is prohibited inside the impartial Province of Morrowind. However the native Dunmer appear to apply their very own type of ancestor worship and manipulation that appears a LOT like Necromancy. Their translation of the phrase Necromancy as an alternative refers to acts in search of to defile the useless and summon them for nefarious functions. And the Dunmer Wizards of Home Telvanni do not care in any respect concerning the regulation or spiritual mores: amongst many abominations, they actively interact in necromantic experiments. To them, you are both robust sufficient to implement your authority, otherwise you by no means have been worthy of that energy to start with.

So a Dunmer Home Redoran (warrior clan) Bouyant Armiger (Paladin Oath of Heroism) dedicated to the Tribunal Temple could also be publicly and personally against acts of Necromancy, and but enlist the providers of a Telvanni Wizard who practices Necromancy (Wizard, College of Necromancy) to face a a lot higher evil, such because the Blight of Dagoth Ur, or outlander raiders, or Home Hlaalu (thief clan) and even Sixth Home smugglers defiling her household crypt. Perhaps she wants the Necromancer to talk together with her useless ancestors to realize perception into her enemies, or to awaken the spirits of her useless ancestors to rout out the smugglers defiling her household crypt.

This is only one setting thought, however the potentialities are infinite should you each work collectively and along with your DM to verify this get together, their functions, and the setting particulars align.


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