Christmas REM Evaluate and Evaluation – December 2019


The Christmas REM is making a festive return to Puzzle and Dragons and comes with two new playing cards together with some buffs to current monsters. Sadly, the occasion as an entire is underwhelming and is no surprise as a consequence of the truth that it solely prices 5 Magic Stones.

5-stone occasions are typically horribly high heavy as their decrease rarities are merely filler/junk which makes it difficult to justify rolling in. Moreover, the Christmas REM is likely one of the older occasions which suggests there are quite a few previous playing cards sitting on the backside who haven’t acquired buffs or reworks for a number of years.

That is unlucky as Christmas is likely one of the most enjoyable instances of the yr together with us receiving extra Magic Stones in comparison with earlier than. With that being stated, we will probably be having a Participant’s Selection Tremendous Godfest quickly together with the return of Draconic Orchestra. Moreover, the present Fujimi Fantastia Collab is sort of robust and is value rolling in. In the event you want to examine Christmas Sonia, please seek advice from my different article HERE.

This text will summarize every of the featured card’s strengths and weak point together with tips on how to finest use them that can assist you make a extra knowledgeable resolution of whether or not or not you need to roll.

Video commentary

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Christmas REM Professionals & Cons – December 12, 2019
  • Favorite characters are festively dressed
  • Comes on time
    • A lot quicker in comparison with ~2 month delay
  • My rankings type a Christmas tree
  • No Weapon Assists for all playing cards  however the 9-star
  • High-heavy occasion
  • Many playing cards really feel lackluster

All icons present most developed type

Order inside every tier is random and never reflective of rating.

No matter card’s rating, you need to nearly at all times maintain it if it’s your very first time buying them.

Restrict Breaking

Restrict Breaking is the method of leveling a card past degree 99. It will unlock extra weighted stats together with the potential to obtain Tremendous Awakenings. These further awakenings can add vital energy, however solely perform in solo mode.

Any card that may qualify for Restrict Breaking could have their degree displayed in blue and feeding a Tremendous Snow Globe will push them past the extent 99 cap.

You’ll be able to learn extra about Tremendous Awakenings HERE.

Monster Trade

The Monster Trade System has largely eradicated the necessity to roll in most occasions as gamers can merely commerce in for a card of their selection. That is usually completed throughout lackluster occasions to keep away from spending Stones on poor backside rarity playing cards or to snipe a selected card if luck isn’t in your facet.

Weapon Assists

Weapon Assists are a particular evolution for choose playing cards that will probably be used solely as inherits. This type retains the identical base stats as the unique type, however will even switch over all awakenings on the Weapon Help card and this happens if the Awoken Help  is current.

My method to Collab rolling

Rolling any Uncommon Egg Machine is a bet and it turns into a matter of maximizing your price of returns in an occasion.

This interprets into rolling when the underside rarity has excessive worth as these would be the commonest playing cards. Moreover, I could make the most of the Monster Trade system to amass the upper rarity playing cards if they’ll considerably advance my progress. As such, I are inclined to look most intently on the widespread playing cards to find out whether it is value rolling in.

That is simply my very own private method and everybody has completely different objectives/motivations so take this part with a grain of salt.

9 Star base

Christmas Saline (New) – S

Lively: Change all orbs to Hearth orbs; Cost allies’ ability by 2 turns (19 -> 19 flip cooldown)

Chief Ability: 1.5x all stats for Hearth Att.; 2x ATK when above 50% HP; 6x ATK when matching 6 or extra linked Hearth orbs; 50000 further injury when matching 6 or extra Hearth orbs [2.25/324/2.25]

Awakenings: Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row
Tremendous Awakenings:  God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer
Typing: Satan / Steadiness
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37 
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 1201 (1561)
HP 4210 (5473) / ATK 2603 (3384) / RCV 778 (1011)
Weapon Help: Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Fire Row Fire Row

  • Highly effective resolution for solo farming
    • Double/triple Dungeon Bonus
  • Offers Observe Up Harm when matching 6 linked Hearth
    • Trivializes Resolve spawns
  • Rows Fire Row
  • Lively is full Hearth board with 2 turns Haste
  • Virtually solely offensive in nature
    • Lacks awakening range
  • Low rolling charges
  • LS has an HP requirement
  • Dungeon Bonus is comparatively area of interest
  • Area of interest in comparison with different 9* playing cards

Christmas Saline continues the development of Nice Witches being reskinned in numerous colors and way back, I had envisioned Zela being the GFE launched in each occasion as a consequence of her common energy.

Whereas that is no Zela equal, it’s good to see extra selection however a little bit saddened Christmas Saline has a lot overlap with Raoh Raoh. Each leaders characteristic the identical excessive ATK multiplier when matching 6 linked Hearth orbs together with 50,000 Observe Up Harm which negates Resolve spawns. With that being stated, the principle distinction is Raoh supplies 4x HP for Darkish playing cards whereas Saline has 2.25x HP/RCV for all Hearth playing cards.

This delicate distinction can change into significant throughout HP-checks however on the identical time, not all gamers can area a full staff of Hearth/Darkish playing cards. Sadly, Saline will lose a big quantity of harm if beneath 50% whereas additionally not having self therapeutic constructed into her energetic.

Moreover, Raoh has a lot better awakening range as Christmas Saline is generally an enormous Row Fire Row stick that lacks VDP or SBR Skill Lock Resist. As well as, the Dungeon Bonus will go to waste in content material reminiscent of Area and is extra suited to Occasion Medal farming.

Occasion Medal farming is enjoying the Collab’s dungeon time and again for the Token drops and Monster Exchanging them for a selected occasion card. This course of is tedious and never all spawns will yield a drop. As such, having a barely greater (it’s only +2% per awakening) likelihood to drop, may be significant. Bear in mind, it solely will increase the prospect for a drop to happen, not the standard/rarity of the drop and solely works in solo mode.

With that being stated, Christmas Saline can nonetheless be utilized in non-farming content material, simply pay attention to her much less various equipment and requiring her to be above 50% HP.

Weapon Help: Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Fire Row Fire Row
Lively: Change all orbs to Hearth orbs; Cost allies’ ability by 2 turns (19 -> 19 flip CD)

  • Dungeon Bonus
  • Full Hearth board with no draw back
    • 19 flip CD prevents unintended charging
    • 2 turns Haste
  • Two Rows Fire Row
  • 2 SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Stronger passive injury choices exist
  • Dungeon Bonus & SBR could also be wasted

Christmas Saline’s Weapon Help is considerably made for herself because it additional augments her injury output together with offering the lacking SBR Skill Lock Resist. Moreover, the inclusion of Dungeon Bonus helps seal the deal. As well as, his full board changer has no draw back and the two turns of Haste may help cycle up different actives.

Sadly, this Weapon Help is primarily geared to solo farming along with her because the Dungeon Bonus has no worth in coop/Arenas together with stronger passive injury choices current.

What I imply by that is I can use one thing like Rathalos Weapon Help to take pleasure in Four Orb Enhances Enhnaced Fire Orb and Group HP which supplies extra passive injury and extra well being, issues all groups will profit from.

Eight Star base

Ilmina – B

Lively: Deal 100000 injury to all enemies. Ignore enemy factor and protection. Change all orbs to Hearth, Gentle & Coronary heart orbs (16 -> 11 flip cooldown)

Chief Ability: [Board becomes 7×6] 4x ATK for Gentle Att.; 3x ATK and scale back injury taken by 35% when matching 5 Heal orbs in a cross formation [1/144/1/57.75%]

Awakenings: Time Extend  Skill Lock Resist    45
Tremendous Awakenings:   45
Typing: Satan / Healer
Obtainable Killers: God Killer 37 Dragon Killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 1218 (1461)
HP 4885 (5862) / ATK 1605 (1926) / RCV 1224 (1469)

  • Final floof
  • Multi-purpose energetic
    • 100,000 True Harm
    • Tri-elemental board
  • Excessive weighted stats
    • Enormous quantities of HP (with awakenings)
  • Three Group HP
  • Requires SA for Bind Immunity
  • Competes with many different highly effective Gentle subs
  • Ilmina 3274 is best for Rating/Farming

The Fluffy Ilmina makes her return to the Christmas REM with just a few minor buffs and helps solidify herself as a potent HP resolution for Gentle groups.

It’s because her personal base HP is cheap however the inclusion of three Group HP may help make sure you move extra HP-checks. Moreover, she comes with a tri elemental board and 100,000 True Harm Button. This Button could have negligible worth in content material reminiscent of Area however has some purposes for Farming and perhaps Rating Dungeons. Sadly, Heroine Ilmina 3274 is best suited to Rating Dungeons as she doesn’t require a Coronary heart Cross, has 2 extra Ability Boosts Skill Boost, 200,000 extra True Harm, and a bi as an alternative of a tri-elemental board.

In consequence, Christmas Ilmina will probably be largely coveted for her staff HP and could also be handed over for different choices as she has decrease injury output and solely turns into Bind Immune with Tremendous Awakenings. What this primarily interprets into is that Christmas Ilmina does double dip into offensive prowess and defensive utility, however does neither of them that properly.

Typically talking, you need your offensive playing cards to deal extra injury as groups usually solely run 2-Three laborious hitting playing cards after which depends on the remaining to fill in utility as wanted (eg. Bradamante  & Diaochan are on the intense ends of their respective roles).

This isn’t to say she is a foul card, she has simply not aged properly and falls into this awkward mid-ground of viability.

Christmas Yog – B

Lively: Change all orbs to Hearth & Coronary heart orbs. Get better 40% of max HP. Bind restoration for Four turns. (18 -> 13 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 6x ATK when above 80% HP; 3x ATK & RCV when beneath 79% HP; 3x ATK and scale back injury taken by 25% when matching 2+ Hearth combos [1/324/9/43.75%]

Awakenings: Time Extend Skill Lock Resist 45 Skill Boost Skill Boost Multiplayer Bonus 45 
Tremendous Awakenings:  45 
Typing: Satan / Dragon
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Healer Killer Machine Killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 1207 (1449)
HP 6668 (8002) / ATK 2315 (2778) / RCV 233 (280)

  • Superior stats/awakening to REM Yog 
    • Like Seashore Yog 
  • Cheap Chief Ability
    • Simple 18x ATK + Harm Discount
    • Enhanced therapeutic when <79%
  • Multi objective energetic
    • Board changer
    • Heal
    • Bind clear
  • HP clause may be difficult to handle
  • Major for Farming/Rating
  • Thumbnail artwork appears to be like ugly
  • Can not have triple 7c + VDP

Yog is likely one of the older 6-star GFE and has had a number of color reskins as a consequence of his unique recognition. As such, The Seasonal Yogs are sometimes a bit stronger however their general equipment has not aged properly.

It’s because we have now a decrease want for Hearts as a consequence of Auto Observe Up Harm leaders together with playing cards reminiscent of Zela bringing extra to the staff whereas additionally having the identical bicolour board changer.

Christmas Yog can nonetheless be used for Farming or Rating Dungeons, however many extra choices now exist and the 2 Hearth requirement can’t be swiped by way of a Row or full board together with the HP examine being a attainable points.

With that being stated, having a Yog-style energetic may be useful to personal because it does present a 40% heal, Four turns Bind clear, and a Hearth/Coronary heart board and has no direct replication.

Christmas Romia – A

Lively: Change all orbs to Hearth, Wooden & Darkish & Coronary heart orbs. Improve skyfall likelihood of Wooden orbs by 15% for Four turns. (14 -> Eight flip CD)

Chief Ability: 4.5x ATK when 6 or extra combos; 4x ATK and scale back injury taken by 50% when matching Hearth, Wooden, Darkish without delay; Improve orb motion time by Three seconds [1/324/1/75%]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist  45 45 
Tremendous Awakenings 45 
Typing: Satan / Bodily
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Healer Killer Machine Killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 1102 (1433)
HP 5874 (7636) / ATK 2136 (2777) / RCV 263 (342)

  • Cute
  • Distinctive energetic
    • Board change
    • Skyfall buff
    • Eight flip CD
  • Cheap private injury
  • 2 Tremendous Ability Boosts
  • Robust LS multipliers
  • Harm Discount is conditional
    • 4x efficient HP when
      matching Three Hearth, Wooden, & Darkish
    • Decrease consistency
  • Can not have triple 7c 45 + VDP

Christmas Romia has acquired a brand new and highly effective evolution that grants her spectacular Weighted Stats together with stronger awakenings.

Firstly, Christmas Romia is ready to present Four Ability Boosts Skill Boost together with proudly owning a strong/distinctive energetic together with robust private injury and a Observe Up Assault These are robust features however one notable draw back is that she can not acquire triple 7 combo 45 whereas additionally having VDP  as each are drained to Tremendous Awakenings.

This does put a damper on her viability as I imagine offensive playing cards needs to be as stacked as attainable and use supportive subs to offer the opposite utility as wanted. With that being stated, Christmas Romia can nonetheless perform properly and her energetic is sort of highly effective for mono Wooden groups.

Christmas Romia’s energetic is ready to present a Four elemental board that features Hearts together with Four turns of +15% Wooden Skyfalls. The board changer itself is okay since Four components might imply an inadequate are current for VDP. As such, it may be considered as a pre-boss resolution that may be liberally used as a result of low cooldown. This inevitably supplies a fairly excessive up time for the Skyfall buff.

As a frontrunner, Christmas Romia is ready to faucet right into a excessive 324x ATK multiplier together with 75% Harm Discount when matching Hearth, Wooden, and Darkish. This three elemental clause will probably be troublesome to realize each flip together with a decrease vary of viable board/orb changers who can be utilized. It will inevitably place stresses towards Void and Resolve spawns and all of her Harm Discount is tied to matching these Three colors.

2511 Christmas Kali – C

Lively: Change all orbs to Hearth, Water & Wooden & Gentle & Darkish & Coronary heart orbs (12 -> 7 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 2.5x ATK and 1.5x HP & RCV for Dragon, God kind; 6x ATK and scale back injury taken by 25% when matching Hearth, Water, Wooden, Darkish, Heal without delay [2.25/225/2.25/43.75%]

Awakenings: Skill Boost  Time Extend 45 Skill Boost Time Extend TPA Skill Lock Resist Bind Clear awakening 
Tremendous Awakenings: 45  
Typing: God / Dragon
Obtainable Killers: Devil killer Healer Killer Machine Killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 1002 (1303)
HP 4025 (5232) / ATK 2324 (3021) / RCV 405 (526)

  • Modest Management potential
  • GungHo stopped loving Kali
    • Didn’t obtain significant buffs
  • Stronger Rainbow leaders exist
    • In addition they require extra luxurious actives to counter Void spawns
  • Awakenings do a a little bit of all the things

Christmas Kali is likely one of the unique Christmas playing cards and has as soon as once more not acquired significant buffs. Kali was the unique reskinned GFE as a result of recognition of Ra Dragon 3265 again within the day.

Amusingly, Ra Dragon is sort of an historic relic and Rainbow groups have struggled to stay related this present day. It’s because they’ve a tougher time concentrating their injury, fewer acceptable orb/board changers, and issue in overcoming Void spawns. As such, they’ve change into considerably reliant on Void Harm Void actives which cancels this mechanic, however is tied to excessive rarity, newer playing cards.

Both means, Christmas Kali has languished for a lengthen time frame as she doesn’t convey something spicy to the desk for Rainbow groups together with having solely a mean Chief Ability. As talked about earlier than, Rainbow groups usually have a harder time concentrating injury and most have a tendency to come back with greater ATK multipliers to compensate.

Christmas Kali supplies 2.25x HP / 225x ATK / 2.25x RCV which is okay, however removed from ideally suited this present day as she requires 5/6 particular components to perform. Moreover, her awakenings are a little bit of a large number as they supply a little bit of all the things, however nothing actually significant. If something, she is going to act as a short lived transitional chief.

Christmas Gremory – A

Lively: Create Three Hearth, Heal orbs; Cut back unable to match orbs impact by 5 turns; Cut back binds by 5 turns. (11 -> 6 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 3.5x ATK for Balanced, God, Satan kind on the flip a ability is used; 6x ATK and scale back injury taken by 50% when matching 5 Heal orbs in a cross formation [1/441/1/75%]

Awakenings:   Skill Lock Resist Fire Row  Bind Clear awakening Fire Row Fire Row
Tremendous Awakenings:    
Typing: God / Satan / Steadiness
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 1220 (1464)
HP 6102 (7322) / ATK 1801 (2161) / RCV 750 (900)

  • Cut back unable to match orb results
  • Tape Resist
  • Precious sub for Raoh Raoh

Christmas Gremory is one other older card however has acquired a large buff to her energetic alongside along with her awakenings now having synergy with a high tier chief: Raoh Raoh. Raoh groups concentrate on matching a row of Hearth to activate and Christmas Gremory will meaningfully contribute together with Tape Resist as a Tremendous Awakening.

Whereas that is good, what provides her an edge is her revamped energetic ability that gives 5 turns of decreasing unable to match orb results. Whereas it is a comparatively area of interest mechanic, it’s nonetheless considerably laborious to seek out on playing cards and having the ability to use it seamlessly alongside a helpful orb changer is significant.

With that being stated, one potential disadvantage of Christmas Gremory is that she doesn’t contribute to Raoh’s System. A System consists of 4 actives which have a 7 flip cooldown with a single flip of Haste. This enables an energetic for use each flip to make sure Hearth orbs are at all times current. As such, a System staff can have 2 playing cards not contributing to this and for essentially the most half, they’re tied to a Kuroyuri and a Fujin type energetic.

With this in thoughts, Christmas Gremory can nonetheless be used assuming she carries the Fujin inherit which is able to enable her for use once more in direction of the bosses in Area. One good facet of her energetic is the power to at all times generate Three Hearth orbs, This needs to be used after different orb changers to make sure you hit your particular threshold.

7 star base

Christmas Uriel (New) – A

Lively: For 1 flip, no skyfall; Change backside row to Hearth orbs (9 -> Four flip CD)

Chief Ability: 1.5x all stats for Hearth Att.; 2x ATK when above 50% HP; 6x ATK and enhance combo by 1 when matching 6 or extra linked Hearth orbs without delay [2.25/324/2.25]

Awakenings: Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row
Tremendous Awakenings: Fire Row
Typing: God / Attacker
Obtainable Killers: Devil killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 933 (1213)
HP 4222 (5489) / ATK 2519 (3275) / RCV 20 (26)

  • 7 (8) Rows Fire Row
  • Four flip CD
    • Can System with himself x4
  • Lively generates a row of Hearth
  • Synergistic chief ability
  • Robust farming sub
  • Fairly Orb Pores and skin
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist
  • Requires himself for System
  • No awakening range

Uriel is the second new card to be launched through the Christmas Uncommon Egg Machine and also will include a reasonably Orb Pores and skin.

For essentially the most half, Uriel has synergy/overlap with the brand new Christmas Saline as each are nearly solely Row Fire Row based mostly playing cards who can present spectacular quantities of harm at the price of offering little else. Simple to entry injury is fantastic, however you’ll have to depend on inventive options for countering numerous mechanics.

Another excuse for an absence of range is that Christmas Uriel can type his personal System with 4 of himself. It will enable gamers to at all times match a Row whereas having No Skyfalls which hastens clear instances and has synergy with Uriel’s personal Chief Ability.

Like Saline , Uriel should be above 50% HP whereas additionally linked 6 Hearth orbs. As such, the 2 could make for a positive pairing as you’ll not less than have a single unused sub slot assuming you had Four Uriels to System your self. Conversely, utilizing twin Uriel saves sub slots in case you have no want for the Observe Up Harm from Saline.

After all, that is actually luxurious however attainable with sufficient luck/cash and is value mentioning just because there will probably be individuals who can.

Whereas this will probably be much less efficient in sure content material as a result of 50% HP clause, gamers can nonetheless sweep their means by loads of dungeons with relative ease.

On the subject of utilizing Uriel as a Raoh Raoh sub, it could possibly work, however all he supplies is uncooked injury and the energetic doesn’t contribute to the System. However, farming groups reminiscent of Omega can tremendously profit from a single Uriel as he’ll present huge passive injury and a quick charging energetic.

Orb Pores and skin

3375 Christmas Liu Bei – D

Lively: Change Darkish & Coronary heart orbs to Hearth orbs. Get better 30% of max HP (15 -> 10 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 1.35x all stats for Attacker kind; 3x ATK when matching 2 Hearth combos, as much as 6x at Three Hearth combos [1.82/65.61/1.82]

Awakenings: Fire Row Enhnaced Fire Orb Jammer Resist Skill Boost TPA TPA TPA
Tremendous Awakenings: TPA  Bind Clear awakening
Typing: Dragon / Attacker
Obtainable Killers: Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 821 (1067)
HP 3225 (4192) / ATK 1905 (2476) / RCV 353 (459)

  • Double Hearth orb changer
  • Could be known as Liu Bait
    • Your hopes obtained raised if you noticed the Diamond egg
  • Horribly outdated card
  • LS is restrictive and low multiplier

Christmas Liu Bei suffers from the truth that he’s an previous card who has not acquired significant buffs or enhancements regardless of a little bit love this yr. This ends in him being a disappointing 7-star card as he’s unable to successfully work within the overwhelming majority of situations.

As a frontrunner, he’s far too orb hungry together with having low multipliers general and his awakenings forestall him from getting used as a sub on most groups. Moreover, his energetic is essnetially a double orb changer with a 30% heal. This may be good, however it’s laborious to justify utilizing him over so many different choices.

Maybe you possibly can name him Liu Bait as you thought you bought one thing good as a result of Diamond Egg coming out.

2510 Christmas Sakuya – C

Lively: Cut back 20% of all enemies’ HP. Ignore enemy factor and protection (15 -> 9 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 1.5x all stats for Healer kind; 5x ATK when matching Hearth, Water, Wooden, Gentle without delay [2.25/56.25/2.25]

Awakenings: +light orb Jammer Resist Blind Resist Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Enhnaced Fire Orb Time Extend 45 TPA TPA
Tremendous Awakenings: 45  
Typing: God / Healer
Obtainable Killers: Devil killer 37 Dragon Killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 855 (1111)
HP 3248 (4456) / ATK 1470 (1911) / RCV 654 (850)

  • Art work options an enormous Tamadra
  • Tape Resist
  • Blind Jammer Resist & Jammer Blind Resist Resist
  • Outdated card
  • LS is just too low multiplier
  • Lively has little worth

Christmas Sakuya continues the Vacation custom of outdated Seasonal playing cards which is a disgrace as a result of I’ve a sure smooth spot for her. It’s because Sakuya was my second actual REM card (not counting Healer Women/Golems) and he or she propelled me to new heights however these days are lengthy gone.

In her Christmas type, Sakuya can solely be considered a poverty/transitional sub as a result of inclusion of Tape , Blind Jammer Resist, and Jammer Blind Resist Resist. These three awakenings do present some worth however she will probably be rapidly changed as playing cards are simply a lot stronger these days.

On the brilliant facet, Christmas Sakuya contains a cute and enormous Tamdra in her art work.

Christmas Grida – C

Lively: Change all enemies to Gentle Att.; Change Gentle, Jammer, Poison, Mortal Poison orbs to Darkish orbs (23 -> 18 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 4x ATK and 1.5x HP for Satan kind; 3x ATK and scale back injury taken by 25% when matching 2+ Darkish combos [2.25/144/1 Resist 43.75%]

Awakenings: TPA TPA TPA TPA Skill Lock Resist  Bind Immune Bind Immune 
Tremendous Awakenings: TPA  
Typing: Satan
Obtainable Killers: God Killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 856 (1113)
HP 3826 (4974) / ATK 1718 (2233) / RCV 389 (506)

  • Dungeon Bonus 
  • Solely card that adjustments enemy to Gentle
  • Giant property
  • Attribute change is area of interest
  • TPA TPA is a much less desired awakening
  • Feels outdated

Christmas Grida continues to be the one card within the recreation that is ready to change an opposing spawn to Gentle. That is usually used for Cheesing as gamers can stack passive Gentle Harm Discount and primarily take no injury. With that being stated, cheesing isn’t one thing most gamers pursue and Kiri is usually the cardboard of selection as a consequence of her comparatively excessive rolling price. However, it may be a means for Darkish groups to deal extra injury because the attribute benefit ends in 2x injury.

With that being stated, it’s a area of interest Christmas Grida fulfills however is unfortunately not a very related one.

Christmas Fagan – D

Lively: Change all orbs to Hearth, Water, Wooden, Gentle, and Heal orbs; Cut back enemies’ HP by 20%; Take away all binds (25 -> 20 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 4x ATK for Dragon, God kind when above 80% HP; 4x ATK and 2x RCV when matching Hearth, Water, Wooden, Gentle without delay [1/256/4]

Awakenings: 45  Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost  Bind Immune Bind Immune
Tremendous Awakenings: 45 Skill Boost 
Typing: God / Dragon
Obtainable Killers: Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer 
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 857 (1114)
HP 4255 (5532) / ATK 1812 (2356) / RCV 206 (268)

  • Modest management potential
  • Multi-purpose energetic
    • Board change
    • Gravity
    • Bind clear
  • 20 flip CD is tough to handle
    • Ability Cost helps 
    • Not that highly effective general
  • Chief Ability is rainbow and HP-sensitive
  • Outdated general

Christmas Fagan is the ultimate 7-star card within the Christmas REM and has little capabilities as he’s an older card. Regardless of a smattering of buffs, Fagan refuses to be related as he doesn’t fulfill any related area of interest at this cut-off date.

His energetic is a weak board changer tied to a Gravity which has no actual purposes at this cut-off date together with having a considerable cooldown. Moreover, his sub potential probably not current as he solely brings motion time.

Whereas his chief ability has affordable multipliers, gamers should be above 80% HP, use Gods or Dragons, and match Four particular colors whereas additionally having no Efficient HP.

As such, he’s one other disappointing 7-star card inside the Christmas REM.

6 star base

Christmas Solais – B

Lively: Change Water orbs to Hearth orbs; Change Darkish orbs to Heal orbs; Change personal Att. to Hearth for two turns. (12 -> 7 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 5x ATK for Hearth Att.; 1.5x HP for Wooden Att.; 1.5x ATK when matching 2 Hearth combos, as much as 2x at Three Hearth combos [2.25/100/1]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Bind Clear awakening Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Multiplayer Bonus Multiplayer Bonus 45 45
Tremendous Awakenings:
Typing: Attacker
Obtainable Killers: Devil killer physical killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 758 (985)
HP 2914 (3788) / ATK 1860 (2418) / RCV 283 (368)

  • Double Coop Enhance Multiplayer Bonus
    • Excessive ATK stat in coop
    • Acts as a Button base
  • 7 flip cooldown
  • The Reindeer look hillarious
  • Virtually solely used for
    Button farming in coop
  • Extra double Coop Enhance playing cards exist
    • Much less distinctive
    • Increased ATK playing cards exist

Christmas Solais was one of many unique double Coop Enhance Multiplayer Bonus awakening playing cards which grants her 2.25x stats in coop mode. That is primarily used to bolster her ATK to allow her to perform as a stronger Button Base.

A Button Base is a card that inherits an energetic that offers injury based mostly on the ATK of the bottom card. This allows them to deal giant quantities of harm by the push of a Button and is essentially the most environment friendly strategy to kill a ground. As such, Coop Enhance playing cards usually make for the most effective bases as they’ll have inflated stats.

With this in thoughts, Christmas Solais continues to be related as she has fairly excessive ATK which is the one stat that issues. Moreover, she comes with a 7 flip cooldown which may reduce Ability Enhance Skill Boost necessities for inheriting sure actives.

Whereas that is probably helpful, not many gamers are concerned with one of these recreation play and ends in Christmas Solais being underwhelming if not utilized as a Button base.

2513 Haku – D

Lively: Change all orbs to Hearth, Water & Darkish orbs. (Eight flip CD)

Chief Ability: All attribute playing cards ATK x3.5 when attacking with Three of following orb sorts: Hearth, Water, Darkish & Coronary heart. Matched attribute ATK x2 when matching precisely 5 linked orbs with not less than 1 enhanced orb.

Awakenings: Dark Orb Enhance Enhnaced Fire Orb blue + orb Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance
Tremendous Awakenings:  
Typing: God / Dragon
Obtainable Killers: Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 750 (976)
HP 3493 (4541) / ATK 1491 (1938) / RCV 309 (402)

  • A number of orb improve
  • Can color swap
  • Low cooldown board changer
  • Laborious to justify utilizing over nearly all of different choices

Christmas Haku was as soon as an inexpensive card however time has not been variety to her as she is a decrease rarity card. That is usually the case with older Seasonal playing cards as lots of them languish on the backside of barrel by way of usability.

Whereas Christmas Haku does present quite a few Orb Enhances, her pitiful weighted stats and beneath common board changer will forestall her from getting used over different choices. It’s because we are able to now acquire quite a few Orb Enhances by way of Weapon Assists which won’t jeopardize our staff compositions as we are able to use playing cards with stronger stats, actives, and awakenings.

As such, Christmas Haku will act as a festive field cheerleader.

1782 Christmas Genie – C

Lively: Keep away from all Darkish injury for Three turns. Improve Gentle orbs. +6% per orb, as much as +180% for full board (20 -> 10 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 1.5x HP & ATK for Balanced, God kind; 3x ATK when 5 or extra combos as much as 5x at 9 combos [2.25/56.25/1]

Awakenings:  Enhnaced Fire Orb Light Row +light orb +light orb Time Extend Enhnaced Fire Orb +light orb
Tremendous Awakenings: 45
Typing: God / Steadiness
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37 
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 747 (971)
HP 3061 (3979) / ATK 1407 (1829) / RCV 478 (621)

  • 100% injury defend vs Darkish
  • Situational inherit
  • Solely works towards Darkish spawns

Christmas Genie is one other older card that has one extremely particular area of interest: having the ability to block all Darkish Harm for Three turns. This has technically change into extra uncommon with the way back REM Renewal which eliminated her REM-equivalent from rotation. This makes her energetic ability extra distinctive however on the identical time, extremely area of interest general.

At this cut-off date, we are sometimes in a position to kill issues earlier than they’ll kill us and the most effective protection is killing them earlier than they hit you. With that being stated, having full injury discount could also be useful for HP-sensitive groups reminiscent of Zeus Verse .

5 star base

3377 Christmas Hatsume – C

Lively: Change Wooden orbs to Hearth orbs. (10 -> 5 flip CD)

Chief Ability: Healer kind playing cards HP x1.5, ATK x2, RCV x1.5. [2.25/4/2.25]

Awakenings: TPA Fire Row Skill Boost Skill Boost Dragon Killer Skill Lock Resist 37 37
Tremendous Awakenings:
Typing: Healer / Satan
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer 37 
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 749 (974)
HP 2389 (3106) / ATK 1205 (1566) / RCV 808 (1050)

  • Double Attacker Killer 37
    • Can use Attacker Killer latents
  • Low CD energetic
  • 2 SB Skill Boost
  • Tape  or L SA
  • Solely efficient towards Attackers

Christmas Hatsume is a backside rarity card has really been improved this time round as a result of two new Attacker Killer 37 awakenings together with the power to make use of Attacker Killer latents.

This allows them to deal significant quantities of harm whereas additionally having a low cooldown and a couple of Ability Boosts Skill BoostAs such, I really feel they’ll probably be a Rating Dungeon resolution. In that very same breath, there are 15 completely different playing cards who’ve 2 Attacker Killers and might use Attacker latents (listing HERE).

As such, the true viability for Christmas Hatsume hinges on whether or not or not you personal any of these above listed playing cards.

3376 Christmas Freyja – B

Lively: For Three turns, 1.5x ATK for Wooden Att.; Cost allies’ ability by 1 flip. (17 -> 9 flip CD)

Chief Ability: Wooden attribute playing cards HP x1.35, ATK x3. [1.82/9/1]

Awakenings: Wood Row Wood Row +heart Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Devil killer Balance killer Balance killer
Tremendous Awakenings: Skill Boost
Typing: God / Steadiness
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37 
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 763 (992)
HP 3035 (3946) / ATK 1365 (1774) / RCV 560 (728)

  • Double Steadiness Killer Balance killer
  • >80%
  • Can use Steadiness Killer latents
  • Solely efficient towards Steadiness sorts

Christmas Freyja has additionally change into improved due her capability to remove Steadiness kind spawns by her Killers, capability to make use of any Latent, and >80% awakening.

Whereas she isn’t the strongest Steadiness Killer obtainable (Melissa Mao beneficial properties a 3rd and might use Latents), she continues to be one of many higher choices and can deal much more injury if it overlaps with a Satan.

With that being stated, Christmas Freyja is a distinct segment card who is barely actually efficient towards Steadiness spawns and brings little else for the staff.

3378 Christmas Castor & Pollux – C

Lively: Change far left column to Gentle orbs and alter far proper column to Darkish orbs; Cost allies’ ability by 1 flip (13 -> 7 flip CD)

Chief Ability: 1.3x ATK & RCV for God, Machine kind; 5x ATK for matched Att. when matching 5 Orbs with 1+ enhanced [1/42.25/1.69]

Awakenings: +light orb +light orb +light orb Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist
Tremendous Awakenings:
Typing: God / Machine
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Devil killer Balance killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 747 (971)
HP 3023 (3930) / ATK 1785 (2320) / RCV 263 (342)

  • Double Column + Haste
    • Some farming builds can make the most of this

Christmas Castor & Pollux is an previous card that also has some relevance in sure Farming set ups because the assured spawning of two columns can tremendously hasten clear instances. It’s because there are leaders who can absolutely activate from 5 linked orbs and having the ability to use 1 energetic to resolve 2 flooring is invaluable.

Apart from this, Christmas Castor & Pollux will probably be a distinct segment card who has little worth in most different areas.

Christmas Venus – C

Lively: Improve all Gentle orbs; Unlock all orbs; For 1 flip, enhance orb transfer time by 2 seconds. (9 -> Three flip CD)

Chief Ability: 5x ATK for matched Att. when matching 5 Orbs with 1+ enhanced; Cut back injury taken from fireplace, gentle, darkish att. by 50% [1/25/1/75%]

Awakenings: +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb +light orb Skill Lock Resist  Bind Immune Bind Immune
Tremendous Awakenings:  45
Typing: God / Steadiness
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 753 (979)
HP 3175 (4128) / ATK 1436 (1867) / RCV 445 (578)

  • Three flip CD
  • 5 Enhanced Gentle +light orborbs
  • Cloud Resist
  • Low weighted stats
    • Requires excessive EXP to succeed in 110

Christmas Venus is the ultimate card within the Christmas REM and has modest potential general as a supportive Gentle sub. At this cut-off date, it’s not uncommon for groups to solely characteristic 2-Three robust offensive playing cards and populate the remaining with supportive choices. As such, the passive injury from Christmas Venus is sizable alongside along with her energetic being fairly helpful.

With that being stated, the principle disadvantage is that Christmas Venus is competing towards playing cards like Diaochan and Fenrir Viz who additionally share low cooldowns however have stronger results and higher weighted stats.

This will probably be her most important stopping level as she gives some worth, however not as a lot in comparison with stronger choices.

Do I plan to roll?

I don’t plan on rolling within the Christmas REM as a result of low worth it gives general together with being terribly high heavy. This goes towards my most important rationale for rolling in occasions as I do know I will probably be blessed with quite a few backside rarity playing cards and I need them to really present worth.

However, it’s nonetheless enjoyable to dream about what may be probably rolled and I take pleasure in penning this part of my evaluations essentially the most.

For my dream 9* card, Saline is the default winner and is a strong card general. However, my selection for 8* was a lot nearer I want to personal Romia or Gremory . Each playing cards present worth in their very own distinctive methods however I really feel that Gremory is stronger shifting ahead as a result of present meta favouring Rows together with proudly owning the comparatively uncommon capability to cancel unable to match orb results.

For 7* it was nearly a no contest as Uriel is the one one who is actually helpful and the identical may be stated for Solais on the 6* rarity. Lastly, Christmas Freyja 3376 is the strongest of the 5* playing cards and whereas I do personal Melisa Mao , Freyja is a unique color and prettier.

The above chart are the playing cards I might love to amass from every rarity if I might select one for my Mantastic account. That is my very own private opinion based mostly on my Monster Field, objectives and whether or not or not I’ve dupes.


The Christmas REM is a top-heavy 5 Magic Stone occasion with comparatively low worth on the backside rarities. Moreover, this occasion is extremely previous and most of the greater rarity playing cards are languishing as a consequence of Powercreep which lowers the general motivation to roll.

With that being stated, there are some robust playing cards on this occasion and all characters are festively dressed for the event.

My phrases of recommendation is to do the free roll and solely proceed if the art work pursuits you.

Let me know what you consider the Christmas REM within the feedback beneath and whether or not or not you intend on rolling.

Comfortable Puzzling!

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