Design by John D. Clair
Printed by AEG|
2 – 6 Gamers, 1 1/2 – 2 hours|
Overview by Greg J. Schloesser

Set on the origins of the earth and the emergence of the primary continent, Ecos: First Continent poses the query, “What if the formation of the Earth had gone in another way?”  An intriguing query which conjures-up a large number of eventualities. What if land plenty had shaped in another way?  What if jungle creatures dominated the land? How would huge oceans have an effect on life on the land? The questions boggle the creativeness and make for an intriguing theme for a board sport. 

Ecos: First Continent is designed by John D. Clair, whose true declare to fame is Mystic Vale, a extremely inventive and entertaining sport that has spawned quite a few expansions.  This sport may be very totally different and, certainly, bears little, if any similarity to his breakthrough title. I admire originality and creativity in sport design, so the designer will get kudos for not resting on his laurels and previous concepts. 

Ecos is a mixture engine-building and tile laying affair, one that’s simple to study and play.  The board is shaped all through the sport by the location of huge hexagonal tiles, every depicting considered one of three sorts of terrain:  desert, water or grassland. Upon these tiles shall be positioned a wide range of animals (over a dozen differing types), mountains and/or forests.  4 tiles type the preliminary board. Gamers every obtain a “dial” token, which reveals the distribution of the eight totally different component tiles, all of that are positioned within the included fabric sack.  Gamers additionally obtain seven “vitality” cubes and a beginning deck of 12 playing cards, three of which start within the participant’s show. In subsequent video games there’s a complicated technique of drafting playing cards to type every gamers’ preliminary deck.  All remaining playing cards are separated into blue and brown decks. 

About gschloesser

Greg Schloesser is the founding father of the Westbank Players and co-founder of the East Tennessee Players. He’s additionally a prolific reviewer of video games and a daily contributor to quite a few gaming publications and web sites, together with Counter, Knucklebones, Boardgame Information, Boardgame Geek,
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Greg has been a gaming fanatic his complete life, rising up in our interest primarily on the conflict sport facet. His foray onto the web uncovered him to the fantastic world of German and European video games and now almost all of his gaming time is dedicated to this space of our interest. He travels to a number of gaming conventions annually and is the co-founder of Gulf Video games, a regional gaming get-together held within the Southern USA.

Greg was born in 1961 and lived his complete life in New Orleans earlier than transferring to East Tennessee in 2005. He’s married and has one daughter (now married.)

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