It is Time For One other Neverwinter Recruitment Occasion, And… Free Goodies!

Beginning right this moment, Neverwinter can be rewarding gamers who roll new characters — or perhaps their first character for those who’ve by no means performed or have a extremely bored good friend that wants one thing to do proper now. Over the following month, any new character that logs in throughout Neverember’s Recruitment Event can be given further rewards and Neverember Incentives that may be exchanged for account-wide goodies. This isn’t a type of “simply roll a brand new character and get stuff” sorts of issues, although. You’ll have to work for it.

Gamers can be rewarded as they degree with the next objects of their Adventurer’s Reward bins:

  • Adventurer’s XP Booster
  • Embroidered Bag of Holding
  • Stone of Well being
  • Educated Grizzly uncommon mount
  • three Insignia Alternative Packs
  • Barbarian Shaman uncommon companion
  • three Rank 7 Bonding Runestones
  • 100,000 50% Bonus Tough Astral Diamonds booster
  • Runic Bag of Holding
  • Maze Engine Signet of Patronage

As talked about above, they’ll additionally obtain Neverember Incentives of their reward bins. These will be exchanged for:

  • Companion Improve Token
  • 100,000 50% Bonus Tough Astral Diamonds
  • Neverember Guard epic companion
  • Heavy Worg epic mount
  • Runic Bag of Holding
  • Good Diamond
  • Superior Mark of Efficiency
  • Superior Enchanting Stone
  • Final Mark of Efficiency
  • Final Enchanting Stone

If that’s not sufficient, all gamers may also receive a special gift bundle. All they should do is log in any time between now and April 2 to be able to obtain it. The pack incorporates the next helpful objects:

  • 3x Insignia Alternative Pack
  • Ensorcelled Arsenal Class Pack
  • 3x Bonding Runestone, Rank 9
  • Kenku Archer companion
  • Gilded Large Spider mount
  • 10x Scroll of Mass Life
  • 2x Higher Stone of Well being
  • Higher Bag of Holding (24 slot)
  • 20x Teleport Scroll – Protector’s Enclave
  • 50x Divine Harm Equipment
  • 25x Reward Reroll Token
  • Retraining Token Pack

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