Satisfaction & Princes – Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett

“You might have two stats: satisfaction and princes. Within the case that two cube fail, use [an] potential in case you have assist.” – RPG Bot @laserfeelings, 10th of March 2020.

You’re the inheritor to the throne and it’s virtually your 18th birthday. This will imply just one factor: it is time to set out on a quest.

Your nation’s marriage custom dictates that the inheritor to the throne might solely choose a accomplice out of the members of their adventuring occasion. This coverage makes little sense to outsiders, however has endured by advantage of being cheaper and fewer degrading than debutante balls or an trade of dowry.

No matter your private emotions, it appears impolite to say no the hunt that your loving dad and mom have ready for you. You due to this fact pack your baggage, don your gear and be part of your retinue of outrageously enticing princes, prepared for the journey of a lifetime.

Satisfaction & Princes is a tabletop roleplaying sport initially created for #BotCollabJam. You will have two 6-sided cube and a normal deck of enjoying playing cards with the jokers eliminated. The sport may be performed solo or with two or extra gamers, one among which acts as Narrator/GM and the opposite which acts as Impetus, controlling the principle characters. The latter function may be shared to help teams with higher than two gamers.

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