Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga from VentoNuovo Video games – Motion Level 2

Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga is a block wargame that recreates one of the crucial brutal battles of World Conflict II being that of the siege of the Metropolis of Stalingrad situated on the Volga River by parts of the sixth Military and 4th Panzer Military. The sport is designed as a solitaire recreation the place the participant controls the attacking Germans and the sport’s AI controls the defending Soviets.

In Action Point 1 we appeared on the fundamentals of the 2 kinds of Motion and the 2 kinds of Assault. On this Motion Level, we are going to study the Fight Sequence and its numerous steps, together with the dreaded Rubble Roll, and present a number of examples.


Earlier than we have a look at the Fight Sequence although we’ve to first have a look at what determines the Energy of a unit or the variety of cube every unit will roll and the unit’s Firepower which determines the possibility of the unit scoring successful.

Unit Energy

The Energy of a unit is just denoted by the variety of dots alongside the highest fringe of the unit block. This may vary from Four to 1. The present Energy of a unit is proven by the aspect of the block that’s on the highest of the block as it’s standing up. When the unit takes successful it’s Energy will likely be diminished by rotating the block 90 levels counter-clockwise. When the unit is diminished under it’s minimal Energy the unit will likely be eradicated.

The Energy of the unit tells the participant what number of cube it’ll roll in Fight. The sport makes use of 6-sided cube. For instance, a unit with Four dots displaying on the highest fringe of the block will roll 4d6 when it assaults.

The hierarchy of items within the recreation. Crimson dot items (the Panzer unit on the high of the image) are essentially the most highly effective whereas black dot items (the diminished Infantry unit proven on the backside) are the weakest.

Unit Firepower

Firepower determines the possibility of a unit scoring successful with every die roll. Firepower is represented by the colour of that unit’s dots. There are three colours used to indicate Firepower together with black, white and crimson.

Within the image above, you’ll be able to see the distinction between the three colours. Black dot items are the weakest and can solely hit with a 6. White dot items will hit with a roll of a 5 or 6 and crimson dot items will hit on a 4, 5 or 6.

Let’s now check out the Fight Sequence earlier than we transfer to a couple examples of Assaults.

Fight Sequence

The Fight Sequence is an identical for each side, with however one exception. The German participant could make just one Assault per flip, whereas the Soviet aspect might make as much as six. Soviet Combats are resolved in a particular order, and every Fight is totally resolved earlier than one other one begins. The Fight Sequence is fairly easy however is prolonged with a number of steps as follows.

As soon as both a Hasty or Deliberate Assault is chosen, Fight is said and the next sequence is utilized. The Soviet aspect should play a random card from the Soviet hand if they’ve one, and preserve it face down till Showdown. This obligatory card is performed even when it’s the Soviets who’re Attacking. There are 28 Soviet playing cards and these are the sport timer and assaults will finish the sport extra rapidly. If resolving a German Deliberate Assault, the German participant might then play a Card of their selection face down.

This then brings us to the Showdown the place each side’ face down playing cards and items concerned within the Fight are revealed concurrently. First you’ll reveal the Soviet Card and apply its impact adopted by the German Card impact being utilized;

If the German assault is a Deliberate Assault and the hex the assault is into is an City Hex, a Rubble Roll will likely be carried out. Fight then is simultaneous except the hex is an City hex wherein case the the Defender at all times rolls first or there’s a Clear hex then the Germans might roll first if the Hoth card is in play and Mixed Pressure Bonus is accessible. As soon as the Assault is full, then the winner will Advance after Fight which is obligatory if the Attacker wins the place at the least one Unit is required to Advance. Blitz Motion is then carried out for the German if the Hoth card is in play. To wrap up the method, items are hid. Now that you simply perceive the method of the Fight Sequence, let’s check out how Shut Fight is mechanically resolved.

Rubble Roll

One of many extra attention-grabbing components of the design is this idea of a Rubble Roll when assaults happen in an City Hex. The siege of Stalingrad was a bloody and cruel road to road and constructing by constructing battle that in the end led to a majority of the standing buildings being diminished to nothing however rubble. This idea is inserted into the Fight Sequence when the fight happens in an City Hex and will likely be decided by a modified die roll.

If Rubble is created in an City Hex it offers the defender Double Protection (attacker requires two hits to inflict one precise hit on a defending unit) when defending in such a hex. Rubble could also be generated in an City Hex solely in one in all two alternative ways:

1. By the play of a Soviet Anti-Air Card, of which there are 4 within the Soviet deck. When these playing cards are performed they cancel the impact of a German airstrike card
(together with the Rubble Modifier), if performed, and instantly place a Rubble Marker within the Hex with out the necessity for a Rubble Roll.;

2. A German Deliberate Assault with a profitable Rubble Roll. The Rubble Roll is profitable if the sum of 3d6 is bigger than 18. Along with the cube roll, there are numerous cumulative modifiers that may impact the roll and make it extra possible. The rubble modifier (+1/+2/+3) indicated on a German Card if performed throughout this fight; +1 for every hex from which the Germans are Attacking in into this City Hex (+1/+2/+3/+4/+5/+6); and +1 for every German Panzer/Panzer Grenadier Unit Attacking. If the results of the roll is bigger than 18, a Rubble Marker is instantly and completely positioned within the City Hex. Not more than 15 Rubble Markers (in 15 hexes out of the 27 City Hexes within the recreation) could also be positioned throughout a recreation. After all the accessible markers have been positioned, future Rubble Rolls are merely ignored.

I can inform you that Rubble could make your job of defeating the Soviets that rather more tough and also you should be cautious the way you go about your assaults when you’re attacking City Hexes.

Shut Fight

Items engaged in Shut Fight will roll the identical variety of cube as their Energy (variety of dots), with their Firepower (what outcome they hit on) given by the colour of the dots. Throughout Shut Fight, each side will roll for his or her items concurrently, including up their whole variety of hits. I like to recommend rolling completely different coloured cube for every of your items for ease (crimson, white and black cube) or you’ll be able to simply roll them individually noting the hits based mostly on the Firepower of every unit. Every unit will solely roll its cube as soon as per fight. Every precise hit causes a discount of the strongest enemy unit. Which unit is the strongest, and thus which takes the following hit, might change all through the fight if a number of hits are inflicted on the identical Stack in the identical fight. If two items have the identical Energy, the German participant chooses which unit is diminished.

As with every good wargame, there are two exceptions to simultaneous Fight:

1. In an City Hex, the defender rolls first, and their hits are instantly utilized to the
attacker earlier than the attacker rolls with their remaining items (if any);

2. A German attacker rolls first and instantly applies hits if the Fight is in a Clear Hex, the Hoth Chief Card is in play, and the Mixed Pressure Bonus is accessible. The Mixed Pressure Bonus comes into play when a battle happens solely in a Clear Hex wherein the Germans have each Infantry and Tank items whereas the Soviets don’t (it is a crucial distinction). For functions of the Mixed Pressure Bonus Panzer Grenadiers are thought of a combined formation consisting of each Tanks and Infantry and so they at all times
profit from this bonus, even when attacking alone, whereas all the opposite German Items want one in all every for this bonus to be utilized.

Let’s check out a number of examples of this course of. The primary instance will contain a Hasty Assault via a Tough Hex whereas the second instance will likely be extra complicated with a Deliberate Assault from two hexes into an City Hex, which can permit for a card to be performed by the Germans.

Hasty Assault

Keep in mind again to Motion Level 1 and the definition of a Hasty Assault, which is that items take a one hex motion after which assault. On this instance, you will notice that three German items beginning in Hex W (a German spawn hex) have moved up right into a Tough Hex to be able to assault the Soviet unit situated in Hex 2 which is simply south of a Soviet spawn hex.

Stalingrad Inferno Hasty Attack 1

This instance is on the outset of the sport and implies that the Soviets haven’t any playing cards of their hand to play and the German participant can not play a card as they’re trying a Hasty Assault. Playing cards can solely be performed throughout a Deliberate Assault by the Germans. After motion is full, the items are then revealed and the Soviets have a Four dot 35th Soviet Guards unit at full energy so this is not going to be a cake stroll however ought to be a German victory in the long run.

Stalingrad Hasty Attack 2

This assault will occur concurrently because the fight takes place in a Clear Hex and the Soviets would not have the Chuikov Chief Card performed which permits them to at all times carry out Alternative Fireplace and assault first. The Soviet unit will likely be rolling 4d6 (represented by the white cube) whereas the Germans will likely be rolling 7d6 (represented by the black cube). Keep in mind that a unit’s Firepower is set by the colour of their dots. The Soviet unit is a white dot unit and can hit on a roll of 5 or 6. The German Panzer unit is a crimson dot unit and can hit on rolls of 4-6 and the 2 Panzer Grenadier items are each white dot items and can hit on roll so a 5 or 6. On this occasion, the Germans don’t achieve the Mixed Pressure Bonus because the Hoth Chief Card just isn’t in play. They do qualify for the bonus as they’re attacking with Tank and Infantry and it is a Clear Hex however alas they won’t get the bonus as they’re lacking the cardboard.

Stalingrade Inferno Hasty Attack 3

The Soviet rolls 4d6 and will get a 2, 3, 5 and 6 which can rating two hits. The German rolls 7d6 and with the white dot items rolls  a 2, 3, and two 5”s which can rating two hits and the crimson dot unit rolls two 4’s and a 5 scoring three hits for a complete of 5 hits. Each side will now cut back their strongest items first with the primary hit after which proceed to proceed lowering the following strongest unit till all hits are absorbed.

Stalingrad Inferno Hasty Attack 4
The primary hit should be absorbed by the German’s strongest unit which is the three dot 2nd Panzer. It’s rotated 90 levels clockwise from Three dots to 2 dots. However there may be nonetheless one hit left to soak up.

The Germans should take in 2 hits and first should cut back the 2nd Panzer unit as it’s the strongest unit with Three dots. This unit is rotated 90 levels counter clockwise from Three dots to 2 dots. There’s nonetheless one remaining hit to soak up and now the German participant should make a selection as they’ve three items that each one are tied for the strongest unit. The selection is absolutely quite simple as they want to retain their highest Firepower unit (the 2nd Panzer) as its 2 Strenght so that they select to cut back the 79th Panzer Grenadier unit by rotating it 90 levels counter clockwise from 2 dots to only one dot.

Stalingrad Inferno Hasty Attack 5
The 2nd Soviet hit is absorbed by the 79th Panzer Grenadier lowering it from 2 dots to only one dot. Now it’s the Soviets flip to take their hits.

The Soviets have a Four dot 35th Soviet Guards unit that has to soak up all 5 of the German hits. It solely has Four dots so it’s eradicated. The Germans have received the battle.

Stalingrad Inferno Hasty Attack 6

Now that the battle is full, and the hex is cleared of all Soviet items, the German stack will Advance after Fight which is obligatory that at the least one of many successful items advance. On this case, the German participant would select to advance all three items within the cleared hex as it’ll arrange a future Deliberate Assault on the Soviet spawn hex to the north. All items are then hid. If Soviet items had survived, they might have been turned as much as conceal their energy from the German participant. For the solo recreation, it’s not necessary for the German participant to fret about concealing their items. I sometimes simply leaved them laying down for ease of play.

Stalingrad Inferno Hasty Attack 7
Barely diminished in energy, the German vanguard approaches the Soviet spawn hex situated in Hex 3. They’re setup for a Deliberate Assault later to allow them to achieve the benefit with sensible card play (if they’ve good playing cards!).

Now that you’ve seen an instance of a Hasty Assault that was fairly easy and perceive how the Fight Sequence flows let’s now present you a bit extra complicated encounter in a Deliberate Assault into an City Hex with card play.

Deliberate Assault

Now we transfer into the deeper and a bit extra complicated aspect of the Fight Sequence with a Deliberate Assault on an City Hex from a number of adjoining hexes. On this instance, we’ve a German Deliberate Assault from Hex 023 and Hex 024 into Hex 7 which is a Soviet spawn hex in addition to an goal hex that should be managed by the Germans to win the sport. The German forces include a 2 dot Panzer unit (244th Panzer) paired with three Infantry items, one which 2 dot (black) Infantry unit, a Three dot (white) Infantry unit and a Four dot (white) Infantry unit in a single hex and two Three dot Infantry items collectively within the adjoining hex. As you’ll be able to see there are three defending Soviet items that can stay hid till after the Showdown.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 1

As a result of the Soviets have a card in hand and since the Germans are taking a Deliberate Assault, all sides will play a single card face down through the Showdown. The Soviets playing cards will likely be resolved first adopted by the German card. These playing cards sometimes supply some sort of fight bonus within the type of additional assault cube or an occasion that assaults or reduces an opponent’s items.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 2.jpg
The Showdown! Playing cards are performed face down and items will not be revealed till after playing cards are chosen.

We subsequent transfer to the Showdown part the place the playing cards and each aspect’s items are revealed and the the cardboard results are resolved. Within the image under, we see that the Soviets have performed the Anti-Tank Card and the Germans performed Sniper. We additionally see that the Soviet items are revealed and will not be terribly powerful with two 2 dot (white) Tank items and a Three dot (black) Infantry unit. The cool trying manufacturing unit within the area has no recreation impact however does symbolize the Traktor Manufacturing unit.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 3

The Anti-Tank Card will likely be resolved first and it merely targets the strongest German tank in a stack and reduces it by one energy level. You possibly can see that the Panzer unit has now been rotated 90 levels counter clockwise from 2 dots to only one dot. The German Sniper Card does an identical impact and targets the strongest Infantry unit within the hex and reduces it by one energy level. You’ll discover that the Infantry unit is rotated 90 levels counter clockwise from Three dots to 2 dots.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 4

The performed playing cards are actually discarded and we transfer to the Rubble Roll because the assault was a German Deliberate Assault into an City Hex. The German participant will roll 3d6 after which modify that roll in line with the above listed modifiers and if the roll exceeds 18 a Rubble Marker will likely be positioned within the area. The assault provides a +Three modifier to the roll because the assault is coming from two completely different hexes (+1 for every hex) and a Panzer unit is concerned. The roll was two 5’s and a 6 for a complete of 16 after which added to with the +Three modifier for a complete Rubble Roll results of 19.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 5 Rubble Roll

A Rubble Marker is positioned within the hex and can now make it in order that 2 hits are wanted to cut back a unit in that hex by one energy level. In essence, which means to be able to eradicate the Soviet defenders, the Germans must inflict a complete of 12 hits. A tall order. Let’s get to the cube rolling.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 6

The Soviet will get to fireplace first as they’re defending in an City Hex. They’ll roll solely six cube and 4 of these cube will hit on a 5 or 6 and two of the cube from the Infantry unit will hit solely on a 6. The cube will likely be rolled and the German must take in these hits previous to their probability to fireplace so this is essential for the Soviet defender.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 7 Soviet Attack.jpg

The 4 white cube, which want a 5 or 6 to hit, are rolled and lead to a 1, 2, 5 and a 6 scoring solely two hits. The German participant must cut back the 4 dot 208th Infantry unit by one energy level and the three dot 194th Infantry unit situated in Hex 023 by one energy level.The 194th Infantry unit now could be diminished to a 2 dot black unit which had it’s probabilities of hitting diminished. Aside from that this was a great outcome for the Germans. Now we transfer to the German assault.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 8

The Germans will likely be rolling a complete of 14 cube needing 12 hits to eradicate the Soviet defenders because of the Rubble Marker. The 244th Panzer rolls 1d6 and hits with a 5 (needing a 4, 5 or 6 to hit), the 54th Infantry rolls 2d6 and hits as soon as with a 6 (wanted a 6 to hit), the 208th Infantry rolls 3d6 and hits as soon as with a 5 (wanted a 5 or 6 to hit), the 194th Infantry rolls 2d6 and hits as soon as with a 6 (wanted a 6 to hit), the 211th Infantry rolls 3d6 and hit twice with a 5 and 6 (wanted a 5 or 6 to hit) and the 227th Infantry hits twice with a 5 and 6 (wanted a 5 or 6 to hit). This can be a whole of eight hits which is absolutely an excellent outcome.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 9

The Soviets take the eight hits by lowering the 131st Infantry by two energy factors, the 26th Panzer by 1 energy level and the 99th Panzer by 1 energy level. Every of those energy factors required two hits to cut back because of the Rubble Marker within the area from the Rubble Roll. The Soviets defenders have held and lived to battle one other day though they’re terribly weakened and can solely be rolling 2d6 the following time the Germans assault except they will get some further items to maneuver into that area.

Stalingrad Inferno Deliberate Attack 10
The cussed Soviet defenders skillfully use the rubble of their metropolis to their benefit and stand up to the assault of the German mixed forces.

After the mud has settled and all of the items have been diminished the surviving items will likely be hid and the flip will transfer to the Soviets who might assault again or will reinforce their items holding the Traktor Manufacturing unit.

Fight is a vital a part of the sport and you could perceive how finest to handle your assaults to make sure that you’re profitable. Making certain a great combine of fine Firepower items, like Panzers, combined in with excessive quantity of cube rolling items corresponding to Infantry will present the optimum variety of probabilities to inflict injury in your enemy. However watch out for the dreaded Rubble Roll in an City Hex as a result of you’ll be able to keep away from inflicting rubble with some restraint as a result of if the Soviets are allowed to dig in it may be nigh unimaginable to dislodge them earlier than these items are bolstered with contemporary wholesome Three and Four dot items. The Fight Sequence is fairly properly finished and simple to observe and I actually loved rolling these cube. I additionally actually favored the playing cards and solely want that there was extra alternative to acquire them for the Germans as they will make an enormous distinction with tough or marginal assaults.

In Motion Level 3, we are going to check out the chrome added to the design such because the incredible researched map and the nice card play system.

We additionally revealed an interview with the designer Emanuele Santandrea and it offers a variety of nice perception into the design:


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