Valentine’s REM Overview and Evaluation Feb 2020


The Valentine’s Uncommon Egg Machine might be making a return to North America this coming Monday and with it comes two new playing cards together with a model new evolution for Sonia.

Sadly, this occasion appears like it’s getting older worse and worse as a result of backside rarity playing cards being uncared for/receiving meaningless buffs. With that being mentioned, it’s the greatest alternative to amass a Gemstone Princess do you have to be missing burst actives that scale with particular awakenings. Whereas this kind of energetic has deserves, it’s considerably on the decline resulting from greater and better multipliers usually being ample for many content material.

With that being mentioned, this can be a skip-able occasion until one enjoys the paintings or strongly needs a Gemstone Princess as a result of lackluster 5-star playing cards who will closely dominate your rolls.

Video commentary

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Valentine’s REM – Feb 7, 2020
  • Excessive likelihood for a Gemstone
  • Cute/festive playing cards
  • Poor 5* playing cards
    • No Weapon Help
    • Not a lot worth
  • Little love for backside rarity playing cards

Order inside every tier is random and never reflective of rating.

No matter card’s rating, you need to all the time hold it if it’s your very first time buying them.

Restrict Breaking

Restrict Breaking is the method of leveling a card past stage 99. It will unlock extra weighted stats together with the potential to obtain Tremendous Awakenings. These extra awakenings can add important energy, however solely perform in solo mode.

Any card that may qualify for Restrict Breaking could have their stage displayed in blue and feeding a Tremendous Snow Globe will push them past the extent 99 cap.

You may learn extra about Tremendous Awakenings HERE.

Monster Alternate

The Monster Alternate System has largely eradicated the necessity to roll in most occasions as gamers can merely commerce in for a card of their alternative. That is usually completed throughout lackluster occasions to keep away from spending Stones on poor backside rarity playing cards or to snipe a particular card if luck just isn’t in your facet.

Weapon Assists

Weapon Assists are a particular evolution for choose playing cards that might be used completely as inherits. This manner retains the identical base stats as the unique kind, however will even switch over all awakenings on the Weapon Help card and this happens if the Awoken Help  is current.

My strategy to Collab rolling

Rolling any Uncommon Egg Machine is a chance and it turns into a matter of maximizing your fee of returns in an occasion.

This interprets into rolling when the underside rarity has excessive worth as these would be the commonest playing cards. Moreover, I’ll make the most of the Monster Alternate system to amass the upper rarity playing cards if they are going to considerably advance my progress. As such, I are likely to look most intently on the frequent playing cards to find out whether it is value rolling in.

That is simply my very own private strategy and everybody has totally different objectives/motivations so take this part with a grain of salt.

9 Star base

Valentine’s Preferrred – S

Lively: For Three turns, 3x RCV; Take away all awoken talent binds; Unlock all orbs; Change all orbs to Fireplace, Water, Wooden, Gentle, Darkish, and Heal orbs (15 -> 15 flip cooldown)

Chief Talent: [No skyfall] 2x all stats for Balanced and Dragon kind; 9x ATK and cut back harm taken by 25% when matching Four or extra colours; enhance combo by 2 when matching Four or extra colours [4/324/4/43.75%]

Awakenings: Skill Lock Resist 45 45 45
Tremendous Awakenings: Dragon Killer 

Typing: Dragon / Steadiness
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 1206 (1568)
4555 (5922) / ATK 2295 (2984) / RCV 875 (1138)
Weapon Help: Skill Boost +heart Time Extend RCV Latent

  • Unconditional 4x HP/RCV for Steadiness & Dragon
  • 43.75% Injury Discount with Four colors
  • 324x ATK with Four or extra colors
  • Excessive private harm
  • Bonus combos negate No Skyfall clause
  • Talent Cost
  • Highly effective energetic
    • Overwrites RCV debuffs
    • Full Awoken Bind clear
  • Rainbow leaders face extra difficulties
  • Reliant on a Injury Void answer

Rainbow groups will all the time face a sure diploma of push-back in turning into a high tier crew as all of them face the identical innate weak spot in comparison with mono color groups: a much less clear technique to cope with Void spawns together with probably much less harm focus.

Presently talking, Injury Void spawns are frequent affairs with quite a few being current in greater stage content material and essentially the most environment friendly technique for coping with them is a VDP by a 3×Three Field. This may be achieved by way of most orb changers and whereas Valentine’s Preferrred solely requires 4/5 colors, it’s nonetheless dangerous together with the necessity to normally Comply with Up Assault alongside. This will create issues for Rainbow groups however fortunately, GungHo now releases playing cards with Void Injury Void actives.

These actives cancel out the Void mechanic for X variety of turns and are just about obligatory for Rainbow groups to succeed. I really feel this can be a poor design general as the concept of making an issue after which releasing a direct counter by way of an energetic limits choices and is “not enjoyable.” As such, Rainbow groups considerably require this kind of energetic to succeed.

Regardless, Valentine’s Preferrred is a robust Rainbow chief resulting from her spectacular multipliers and her innate potential so as to add Four combos with twin leaders. This counters out the No Skyfall clause and can lead to considerably extra combos in comparison with playing with Skyfalls. This helps overcome exceptionally excessive combo shields as a mean board of seven/Eight combos turns into 11/12.

Moreover, the unconditional 4x HP/RCV ensures straightforward stalling and when matching 4/5 colors, will set off the total 324x ATK and 43.75% Injury Discount.

So far as rainbow leaders go, Valentine’s Preferrred is stacked from a multipliers perspective and this helps shore up the innate shortcomings from Rainbow groups. Moreover, as a result of alternative to abuse Talent Cost on Valentine’s Preferrred or different subs means gamers can simply cost up key actives all through the dungeon reminiscent of Void Injury Voids.

Weapon Help: Skill Boost +heart Time Extend RCV Latent
For Three turns, 3x RCV; Take away all awoken talent binds; Unlock all orbs; Change all orbs to Fireplace, Water, Wooden, Gentle, Darkish, and Heal orbs (15 -> 15 flip cooldown)

  • Talent Enhance Skill Boost
  • Enhanced Heal orb +heart
  • Highly effective energetic
  • Tough to amass
  • Primarily for present/future Remodel groups

Valentine’s Preferrred’s Weapon Help is a superb enabler for Remodel groups resulting from the truth that it offers a single Talent Cost Skill Boost together with an Enhanced Heal Orb +heart awakening. This will grant a large enchancment in therapeutic output when used on a excessive RCV card which may be invaluable for Remodeling groups.

Even supposing a Remodeling chief tends to have robust multipliers, additional stacking RCV may be significant as it may well pseudo cancel out RCV debuffs. On the similar time, this Weapon Help is ready to cancel out RCV debuffs and supply a full Awoken Bind clear.

Whereas that is fantastic, it’s unlikely the typical participant will have the ability to purchase this.

Eight Star base

 Valentine’s Ney – A

Lively: Cut back binds and awoken talent binds by 5 turns; Unlock all orbs; Change all orbs to Gentle, Darkish, and Heal orbs (18 -> 11 flip cooldown)

Chief Talent: 4x ATK and cut back harm taken by 25% when matching Darkish and Gentle; 4.5x ATK for Dragon kind; Improve orb motion time by Three seconds [1/324/1/43.75%]

Awakenings: TPA TPA 45 45 Skill Lock Resist  Bind Immune Bind Immune 
Tremendous Awakenings:   TPA 

Typing: Dragon/Steadiness
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer Devil killer Machine Killer Healer Killer physical killer Balance killer 37
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 999 (1299)
4626 (6014) / ATK 1983 (2578) / RCV 421 (547)

  • Double 7 Combo 45
  • Double TPA TPA
  • Void Injury Penetration 
  • Highly effective multi-purpose energetic
    • Board changer
    • Bind/Awoken Bind clear
  • Steadiness typing
    • Can use any Killer latent
    • Sturdy VDP answer
  • Quite a few excessive harm playing cards exist
  • TPA is usually wasted
  • Most of her buff was wasted on LS

Valentine’s Ney is a returning card who I used to be fairly completely satisfied to roll as she will perform as a robust harm and VDP answer for mono darkish groups whereas additionally offering utility by way of her energetic and a invaluable board changer.

Sadly, I really feel she is considerably caught in between the 2 distinct roles subs play at this cut-off date: offense and defensive/utility.

Typically talking, 7 Combos 45 are the commonest supply of non-public harm and primarily all groups can reap the benefits of it as a result of nature of matching a given board. As such, it’s not unusual for playing cards to have triple 7 Combo (8x private harm) together with a single VDP to resolve Void spawns.

I personally want the archetype of 45 45 45 on my harm playing cards because it offers ample harm with most given matches. By comparability, Valentine’s Ney is 45 45 (TPA TPA) which does have the next harm ceiling for 3×Three Containers together with common matching assuming a TPA is matched. From my very own expertise, the TPA side is essentially ignored resulting from how mono color groups usually require 6 linked orbs to activate and in case you have 10, you could be making a 3×Three Field as an alternative.

In essence, Valentine’s Ney ends in a 4x private harm card with most given matches with the capability for greater VDP harm. Because of this, I discover myself not utilizing her as a lot as I believed I’d as we merely have so many extra playing cards to attract from who can present greater private harm with common matching.

After all that is fairly nit-picky however it is usually uncommon I can truly speak about the next rarity card by private expertise as an alternative of theorizing.

On a facet observe, Valentine’s Ney did obtain a large buff to her Chief Talent however it’s nonetheless impractical as a result of low Efficient HP however the extra motion time could be a answer for S-ranking dungeons if Valkyrie Ciel is getting stale.

Valentine’s Sonia – A

Lively: Unlock all orbs; Change all orbs to Fireplace and Darkish orbs; Create Three Heal orbs (18 -> 13 flip cooldown)

Chief Talent: 3.5x ATK & RCV for Bodily, Dragon, and Satan kind; 5x ATK and cut back harm taken by 50% when matching 6 or extra linked Fireplace orbs [1/306.25/12.25/75%]

Awakenings: Skill Lock Resist      Devil killer Machine Killer
Tremendous Awakenings:    Devil killer

Typing: Dragon/Satan
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Machine Killer Healer Killer
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 1101 (1432)
5444 (7077) / ATK 2428 (3156) / RCV 214 (278)

  • Distinctive energetic
  • VDP  + Killers
  • Sturdy LS
    • Flat 3.5x RCV
    • 50% Injury Discount
    • 17.5x ATK
  • Can kind a robust system crew
  • Four Talent Enhance Skill Boost
    • Potential sub for future Fireplace Remodel groups
  • Really shines solely with System
  • Combo shields
  • Orb motion time

Valentine’s Sonia has obtained one of many bigger buffs for Seasonal playing cards resulting from her model new evolution. This manner grants her a stronger Chief Talent, awakenings, and weighted stats and helps solidify her place as a potent Raoh Raoh pairing.

Raoh is without doubt one of the earlier Auto Comply with Up Injury leaders who’s uniquely positioned to construct a System. This System (consisting of seven flip CD + Haste playing cards, eg. Nidhogg ) allows gamers to make use of an energetic each flip which in flip ends in a Row Fire Row for full activation, huge harm, and Auto Comply with Up.

Whereas Valentine’s Sonia doesn’t instantly contribute to the System, her Chief Talent multipliers fantastically praise Raoh as you’ll now have a 2/306.25/2/50% crew that may all the time generate ample Fireplace orbs who can also be laborious to kill.

Whereas that is highly effective and might trivialize most content material within the recreation, System groups lack energetic talent range which is able to result in varied issues when increasingly more mechanics are launched that should be corrected by way of an energetic. Moreover, with no innate combo rely booster, greater combo shields can show to be an issue.

Lastly, one final level to think about is Valentine Sonia’s Four Talent Boosts Skill Boost alongside together with her different invaluable awakenings for potential future Remodeling leaders if GungHo continues down this path.

7 Star base

Valentine’s Andromeda (New) – A

Lively: For 1 flip, 0.25x RCV; For 1 flip, bypass att. take in defend results (10 -> 5 flip cooldown)

Chief Talent: 4x ATK and 2x HP for Healer and God kind; 4x ATK when matching 6 or extra linked Water orbs; 50000 extra harm when matching 6 or extra Water orbs [4/256/1]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend 45 Devil killer Devil killer
Tremendous Awakenings:  45

Typing: Healer / God
Obtainable Killers: Dragon Killer Devil killer 37
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 932 (1211)
3165 (4114) / ATK 1913 (2487) / RCV 698 (907)

  • Self RCV debuff
    • Overwrites longer lasting debuffs
    • Additionally counters Attribute Take in
  • Auto Comply with Up Injury
    • Triggers from 6 matched Water
  • Viable chief pairings
  • Restricted to Healer & God

Valentine’s Andromeda is the second new card to be launched this yr and comes as a stunning chief for an Orb Pores and skin card as she may be instantly bought.

Valentine Andromeda’s chief talent allows her to perform as an Auto Comply with Up Injury chief when matching 6 or extra linked Water orbs for Healer and God sorts. For essentially the most half, that is activation comparatively straightforward to do together with being the dominant play fashion at this cut-off date. As such, she is going to match proper in however her essential hurdle is constructing a reliable crew together with a beneficial pairing.

Gamers can choose to make use of a non-God or Healer for an alternate pairing if they’re keen to forgo the harm output on their buddy however also can use Advanced Kaiba or Seaside I&I as they’ve comparable activation necessities. Moreover, the farmable/purchasable Mut can be utilized as a therapeutic answer together with a quick charging energetic.

In essence, this crew will perform like common Comply with Up Injury groups who depend on rows and the principle hurdle might be combo shields until paired with Kaiba and forming 3×Three Containers.

I used to be lucky sufficient to roll Kaiba and can attempt to see what sort of content material I may clear with this crew.

Orb Pores and skin

Valentine’s Astaroth – B

Lively: Change Fireplace, Jammer, Poison, and Mortal Poison orbs to Wooden orbs; Improve all orbs; For 1 flip, 1.5x RCV (13 -> 7 flip cooldown)

Chief Talent: 2x ATK and cut back harm taken by 25% when matching Wooden and Gentle; 6x ATK and cut back harm taken by 25% when matching 5 or extra linked orbs [1/144/1/68.36%]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist  Time Extend Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb  
Tremendous Awakenings:   45 

Typing: Healer/Satan
Obtainable Killers: God Killer Dragon Killer 37
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 901 (1171)
3284 (4269) / ATK 1704 (2215) / RCV 694 (902)

  • Prompts from any match 5
    • Massive harm discount
    • All the time have one element obtainable
  • Can perform as a utility sub
  • RCV buff
  • Low harm output in LS
  • Common card general

Valentine’s Astaroth was drastically improved final time round however now feels a bit stale as soon as once more resulting from each Wooden being much less dominant and receiving few buffs.

At this cut-off date, Valentine’s Astaroth has fairly a low ATK multiplier and regardless of getting access to dependable Injury Discount, is not going to perform effectively this present day.

As such, she will fulfill a utility position on mono Wooden groups as she offers some crew harm by way of Enhanced Orbs Enhanced Wood Orb together with L Unlock  together with an RCV buff tied to an orb changer.

This kind of energetic is beginning to grow to be extra fashionable/invaluable resulting from the truth that heavy RCV debuffs are extra frequent together with them resulting in executions in Colo2 if one is already preexisting.

With that being mentioned, Valentine’s Astaroth is a mean card at this cut-off date.

Valentine’s Kushinadahime – C

Lively: For 1 flip, cut back harm taken by 75%; For 1 flip, enhance combo rely by 2 (20 -> 12 flip cooldown)

Chief Talent: [No skyfall] 1.5x all stats for God kind; 2x ATK when 5 or extra combos as much as 12x at 10 combos [2.25/324/2.25]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost Bind Clear awakening Time Extend +heart +heart 
Tremendous Awakenings:   45 

Typing: Healer/God
Obtainable Killers: Dragon Killer Devil killer 37
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 900 (1170)
3905 (5076) / ATK 1532 (1992) / RCV 610 (793)

  • Larger multiplier LS
  • Synergistic energetic
  • Can use subs of any color
  • No Skyfall Chief Talent
  • No Skyfalls reduces harm potential
  • Injury management has much less worth
  • Lengthy cooldown
  • Restricted to Gods
  • No/low private harm
  • No SBR Skill Lock Resist

Valentine’s Kushinadahime seems to be robust on paper from a multiplier standpoint however will not often hit her full potential as a result of No Skyfall clause.

Prior to now, No Skyfalls had been a robust level for groups because it gave them a type of Injury Management. Sadly, with the abundance of Fujin 3414 fashion actives, FUA , and Field  awakenings gamers can considerably ignore these respective mechanics and diminishes the precise want for excellent harm management. Moreover, most groups now function just a few laborious hitting subs who’re required for finish recreation content material and throws away any likelihood of controlling your output.

These elements together with the necessity to pump out huge quantities of injury with out actives is the principle purpose why Valentine’s Kushinadahime is nothing particular.

A given board has 7-Eight combos on common and with the No Skyfall clause, you might be successfully capped at these respective multipliers. As such, you can’t get “fortunate” and achieve extra combos together with not having the ability to deal greater quantities of injury with out an energetic that provides combos.

Whereas the two.25x HP/RCV are affordable defensive multiplier, her harm output will drastically fluctuate as 7 Combos solely offers 81x ATK and requires 9 (with no Skyfalls) to match most different leaders for 225x. Moreover, Kushinadahime is restricted to God sorts whereas most different leaders can use any kind of card.

If used as a sub, Kushinadahime is okay and whereas she will present some extra therapeutic and bulk, her prolonged energetic is underwhelming and prevents simpler inheritance to make use of one thing of worth extra usually.

As an entire, Valentine’s Kushinadahime could be a affordable chief with a excessive talent cap, however her personal lack of injury and sometimes decrease harm output will make her much less fascinating in comparison with different modern-day choices.

Valentine’s Venus – C

Lively: For 1 flip, 3x orb transfer time; For 1 flip, cut back harm taken by 10% for every Two-Pronged Assault awakening talent on the crew (15 -> 10 flip cooldown)

Chief Talent: 3x ATK for Gentle Att.; Cut back harm taken from gentle, darkish att. by 50%; 4x ATK when matching Four or extra colours [1/144/1/75%]

Awakenings: TPA TPA Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost  45 45  
Tremendous Awakenings:  TPA  

Typing: Healer/God
Obtainable Killers: Dragon Killer Devil killer 37
Weighted Stats (Restrict Break): 921 (1197)
3802 (4943) / ATK 1459 (1897) / RCV 747 (971)

  • Comes with an Orb Pores and skin
  • Distinctive energetic talent
    • Can attain 100% Injury Discount
  • Lively solely scales with TPA TPA
    • Many groups is not going to obtain a profit
  • Area of interest card general

Valentine’s Venus is a singular card in that she is going to present gamers with a further beauty orb pores and skin together with a very distinctive energetic.

Venus’s energetic talent works like a Gemstone Princess in that the efficacy scales up with the variety of a particular awakenings on the crew. On this case she depends on TPA TPA to offer a stacking 10% defend. As such, a crew with 10 TPA would take pleasure in a 100% Injury Discount on a really brief 10 flip cooldown.

Whereas that is nice in concept, the difficult half is definitely utilizing a crew that has sufficient TPA to justify utilizing her in comparison with different shielding choices. As such, Valentine’s Venus will largely be a distinct segment inherit general as her sub potential common general. Moreover, using shields is much less frequent as most groups can already survive the anticipated preemptives in a given dungeon.

Taking this into consideration, Venus appears like an outdated card will most likely not ascend greater resulting from her older age, being a 7/9 star rarity, and being a Seasonal 5-stone card.

6 Star base

The Valentine’s Day REM affords three 6* playing cards who’re all reskins of Gemstone Princesses. Gemstone Princesses are capable of present an ATK multiplier primarily based on the variety of a particular awakening in your crew. Simply keep in mind that it solely counts that particular awakening together with their upgraded/tremendous kind. For instance, Carat will rely Talent Boosts Skill Boost as 1 and Tremendous Talent Boosts  as two.

The Gemstone Princesses are probably the most fascinating choices for common burst harm as a result of they supply their extra multiplier for two turns together with not counting on attribute color or typing. Moreover, the 2 turns is effective for longer content material or when you find yourself required to burst down two consecutive flooring.

The components for harm calculation is 1 + (0.3n) the place n = the variety of that particular awakening. Thus on a crew with Eight Time Extends Time Extend, Sheen will present 1 +((0.3)(8)) = 3.4x ATK for 2 turns.

The Valentine’s Day types present the identical energetic talent as their REM counterparts however have a distinct major color which may probably open up extra doorways for stats being transferred over when inherited. Sadly, not one of the Valentine’s playing cards include Weapon Assists which can make it more durable to justify inheriting. Moreover, the Burst offered right here might or will not be extreme and having no accompanying orb changer could also be problematic.

All in all, the inclusion of Gemstone Princesses within the Valentine’s Day REM might present some justification for rolling this occasion and options the very best rolling charges for a majority of these actives.

  Carat – A

Carat scales off Talent Boosts Skill Boost and is essentially the most universally versatile Gemstone to personal as each crew could have quite a few Talent Boosts. This flexibility allows her for use on all kinds of groups and has purposes in coop when one facet is closely stacking Talent Boosts (though solely that participant’s crew’s awakenings are counted).

In essence, Carat has the capability for use on nearly each crew as a result of presence of some Talent Boosts and doesn’t require particular playing cards to realize. With that being mentioned, I discover myself utilizing Carat/different Gem stones much less and fewer however they’re invaluable to personal.

 Sheen – B

Sheen scales with Time Extends Time Extend which may be essentially the most dominant awakening on sure groups, however is much less universally highly effective in comparison with Carat as most playing cards personal a number of Talent Boosts and a few leaders now function in-built motion time as an alternative of awakenings.

Side – C

Side makes use of TPA TPA awakenings that are much less universally obtainable as most playing cards are likely to depend on different sources of non-public harm. With that being mentioned, sure crew will discover extra worth from Side over different types of burst harm. Moreover, there isn’t a “Tremendous” TPA not like Talent Boosts or Time Extends which may make it more durable to have ample awakenings for significant burst.

5 star base – D   

(blue + orb Enhanced Wood Orb Dark Orb Enhance)* Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Boost
SA: 45

* the primary three awakenings change color primarily based on the cardboard with Sakuya having a barely totally different arrange.

The 5* base playing cards are all comprised of the Chinese language Celestials in festive/cute outfits. Each comes with their signature board changer (even Sakuya) together with enhancing their major color. Whereas the exclusion of coronary heart orbs hurts their general worth, they could be helpful for newer gamers. It is because a more moderen account could also be missing sufficient depth of their Monster Field and having the ability to simply decide up a board changer is fantastic.

Sadly, extra veteran gamers will discover little benefit for these playing cards exterior of cuteness. This is because of their middling awakenings mixed with the truth that they solely obtain round 985 weighted stats at stage 110. Moreover, these playing cards comprise a large quantity of the rolling pool and can probably lead to disappointment if rolled.

On the brilliant facet, all have Unbelievable artwork and make fantastic Field Cheerleaders.

Do I plan to roll?

Huge nope.

I already personal Gemstone Princesses from the Uncommon Egg Machine and whereas having extra Carats could also be interesting, that’s not a ok justification for rolling.

Regardless, it’s nonetheless enjoyable to dream of what may presumably be rolled from every rarity


The above chart are the playing cards I’d love to amass from every rarity if I may select one for my Mantastic account. That is my very own private opinion primarily based on my Monster Field, objectives and whether or not or not I’ve dupes. Icons present Base kind regardless whether it is their strongest iteration.


The Valentine’s Day REM is the most effective time to choose up a Gemstone-style energetic at an inexpensive fee. Sadly, this occasion nonetheless has horrible backside rarity playing cards who would primarily be used as a Field Cheerleader.

For myself, I discover myself utilizing my Gem stones much less and fewer resulting from stronger multipliers or discovering some burst alongside one other helpful impact. After all, that is biased as this ends in me not having motivation to roll

With that in thoughts, in case you are missing any Gemstone, it might be value rolling as they do have respectable charges and can assist spherical out your Monster Field as they’re the most effective types of burst harm with Carat being extremely robust.

Let me know what you consider the Valentine’s Day occasion and the way a lot you intend on rolling.

Pleased Puzzling!

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